Dana & Brian


Hello hello everyone!  It's slowly but surely looking a little more springlike out there.  Which means it's really time to get this here wedding blog up to date!

For this update we'll be focusing on Dana & Brian's wedding.  You gotta love a good summer wedding, everything is so lush and green in July, before the August drought hits and turns the grass brown.  Here's a peek at the greenery

Downside to summer weddings is of course the heat.  I go through 2 big gatorades on the hotter days easily.  An with a bridal party, what do you think they are drinking?  Generally speaking it's not going to be water!  So making sure your bride and groom don't get both dehydrated and heat.  

Dana & Brian had their ceremony at the universal unitarian church on elmwood avenue - a darker venue but filled with detail - a venue like this demands big wide angle shots:

For the formal portraits we made a quick run to the Japanese Gardens.  I like this spot a lot because it has some of the qualities of Delaware Park but without the congestion and with far less walking - plus there are some unique elements at this spot that you don't find on the other side of the 198.

Their reception was held at the Mansion on Delaware, which is a perfect spot if your planning on a smaller more intimate reception.  

This venue is also neat in that the reception was spread of 3 unique areas - the dining hall, then downstairs for the the dance floor, and an awesome patio space.  

As I always like to try to do, we finished this one out with one last little outdoor shot.  

Super fun couple, super fun wedding!  And with that, I bring this post to a close.  Next update will be an e-shoot so stay tuned for more!