Jenn & Joe


Hello there again everyone!    Last year I posted a fun winter time engagement shoot for a sweet couple named Jenn and Joe.  Now it's time to covert heir wedding from late fall last year.  These guys wanted lots of contrasty, B&W, dramatic images and when you see their theme you'll find that it totally fits.  This was one of those not so colorful fall days, where it was on the colder side, with wind and rain - a good day to go black and white as the colors aren't popping out and in your way, stopping you from going black and white.  But for now, we visit the girls at the salon, and the guys hotel room for pregame fun (you'll spot a few B&W's here too for sure).

Ceremony time, here we go:

I'm being very quick here with the text, because, your not here to listen to me, here!  Here's the family shots.

Now we move to the tricky stuff.  Finding the makeshift indoor location to shoot at is never easy.  and this was one of those, it wasn't necessarily the rain, but it was really light rain that just wet things down plus cold wind doesn't lead to good photography.  Luckily, Lewiston prevailed and gave us a few fun indoor and outdoor locations.  Yes, it did clear up just as we were finishing,  Here's some fun bridal party action, followed by bride and groom.

Now for the bride and groom.

Reception, you can really see the themed dress going on here.  There are a ton of images here so I'll spare you much more of me and just let this gallery roll.