Jill & Eric


It's definitely at the point of the season where, if I'm going to do more website updates gotta do it now because time is about to become much shorter in supply.

Onward then we move to Jill and Eric.  Before we can go into the couple, I have to tell a cautionary tale of how the day began and why it's not a good idea to budget time too tightly.  On the way to meet with the bride in the morning, I had a tire blowout on me.  Things like this, you just can't predict it, when your dealing with traveling 20+ minutes chances are that you may encounter difficulties.  It could happen to any family member, vendor, bridal party, etc etc.  So it's one of those lessons that taught me to recommend not having start time be 15 minutes before the ceremony starts.  Things you can control are a factor.  Luckily for me I got the tire changed, but did have to enlist some help.  I was late, but, we still had some get ready time left.  So I went right to work as quickly as I could to get as many images as I could.

I think we got some great stuff there for sure!  More time might not have even effected the shot count here, just the pace of the shooting.  As said above, things happen, a wedding day is a complex set of multiple always moving and changing variables.  Here's 2 more examples of unexpected not fun-ness, these both involved the limo.  I had witnessed one limo have an AC malfunction on one of the hottest days of the summer.  It was a complete and total sweatbox so we all had to hang out in the shade and wait for a replacement limo.  And on another day, got to watch as the limo pulled to the shoulder on the 190 on the way to the reception.  These are things you just can't plan on but do happen and you just have to make the best of it when things do happen.  

Onward we move now to the ceremony.  It was an outdoor ceremony and the sun was shinning!  Here ya go:

As with most ceremony and reception all in the same venue weddings, time was pretty tight for the posed shots. But we moved through them as quickly as we could.

With no time to spare, the bridal party got sent away for a quick session with the Bride and Groom.  

I'll spare everyone more of me talking and just go right into the reception:

To Wrap things up we did a fun little night shoot.  We shot for maybe 10 minutes, so real quick but the results were really nice.

And there we bring things to a close.  Look forward to an update for this couple in the e-shoot blog soon, as we did their engagemenet shoot after the wedding.  Until then, have fun everyone!!!!