Svet & Justin


Well well well, we can now just start counting the days until time for blog updates disappears in favor of shooting and editing weddings takes over the vast majority of available time.  I'm still going to push to get everything I want to cover from last year covered.  And so, here we go!

Not to long ago I posted Svet and Justin's engagement shoot, which can be seen here, and now it's time to follow it up with their wedding!    Svet and Justin opted for a first look, which is a fun way to handle things.  It makes for a more relaxed ceremony for the couple, of course the ceremony is still going to be filled with nervous tension.  I tend to recommend the first look for couple who are doing their ceremony and reception in the same venue because you only have cocktail hour to deal with getting family photos, bride and groom, and bridal party in one short hour.  When you do a first look you get to get all your bridal party and bride and groom stuff done before the ceremony.  It frees up a bunch of time because you can have images done with the bride and the groom together.  And it leaves only family shots for after the ceremony, so the bride and groom can actually enjoy their cocktail hour.  

We moved on to some bridal party work, starting a the hotel then moving on to downtown.  It had been raining in the morning so we had to pick spots with cover (I did encourage a shot with umbrella's, which we did later on in the shoot).  

And here's some great shots of the Svet and Justin.

See, look how much awesomeness got done before the ceremony!  Speaking of which, lets get on to that!

This was a very quick ceremony, about 15 minutes fast!  We got right into the family shots after as the cocktail hour kicked into gear

Before i move into the reception, I want to highlight the ring shots, because they did come out quite nice and I don't wan them getting lost in the gallery.

Pretty awesome!  Ok, now we go into the reception.  And this will be the last bit of narrative from me.  Enjoy the rest of the images!