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Hello there everyone!  Here we go with another wedding update!  Now that I'm back in the flow with the blog, it's time to try a different style of layout - instead of highlighting a few images, then going on to a long slide show, I'm going to go with thumbnails of of page layouts.

This wedding was a bit different than most, as the their weddings got split in two parts.  Due to an illness (father of the bride), the wedding ceremony was pushed ahead by close to a year.  The first ceremony was a winter event, very small scale - yes intimate would be the way to describe it.  We got some awesome images though.  The venue was the Mansion on Delaware.  And we definitely took advantage of the front facade.  Here's a little gallery from that day 

The second round of their wedding came in early October -  and the tone, look. and feel of this one was a night and day difference from the first.  Where part one was in a very dark venue, and outside was a winter wonderland - part 2 was bright and sunny, one of those OMG this is an awesome day days (super lucky too because the day before was cold, grey, windy, and sprinkling all day).  Venue wise - The difference between the Timberlodge and the Mansion is huge - low ceilings and small room, limited windows and dark outside anyway vs big hall with giant ceilings and tons of windows.  The overall flow of this day was so different from most weddings as well because - they were already married - so all that nervous tension you'd normally find wasn't there.  These two were the very definition of laid back. 

We started off with a First Look.  I like the first look for certain weddings, especially ones that are all in one location because it frees up time for a lot of things that you just can't do with a traditional, groom can't see the bride until she walks down the isle wedding.  With most all in one venues, you roll right from ceremony to cocktail hour which leaves you with an hour to get all the family shots, bridal party and bride and groom shots - as the photographer that means you have to be like a drill sergeant to get things done, no calm patience, it's all about move move move - but if you do a first look then you can get your bridal party, bride and groom, and even family shots if family is there and ready.  If not, you do that during cocktail hour.  Long story short, it frees up a lot of time.

One of my favorite things about shooting weddings at golf courses is ----  golf carts!  Their just fun, especially when you get the whole bridal party out there and a second shooter to capture the fun.

And here's some bride and groom shots.

Their ceremony was outside, again very much in contrast to the first part.  This was the one section of the day where clouds moved in - no rain, but the clouds did create a very dramatic effect that was quite awesome.

Super fun!  We went right from ceremony to family shots and the lightly overcast skies helped provide nice even light.

And on we go to the reception, and like I said earlier, this place has big ceilings!  I'm going to heavily condense things here as there are lots of images.  And here we go - 

Everything was so relaxed that I was able to snag the Bride and Groom for little fun moments throughout the evening.  Like these right after dinner

A few fun shots, then send them back to the reception.  

It's rare that you get to get good sunset shots of the bride and groom on a wedding day, but, due to an early dinner and a relaxed day, sunset was high on my mind.  Here's the quick test hot that made me say, time to go get them.

Yup, it was time for sunset fun for sure, and wow did we get some good ones!!!!

Pretty awesome!  Love it when the sky just opens up like that.  These shots were also greatly helped by the aide of my second photographer, lighting is key for this type of shot and that are just so many more ways to light your couple when you've got that second to hold the light.

We head now to the final lap where we conclude the reception.   

And now we move to the finale, complete with sparkler send off, followed by some starry night portraits with added sparkler fun!  

And with that, this blog post can come to a close.  I hope you've enjoyed the format I've presented here.  Using thumbnails of layouts rather than one single image to tell the story just seems to tell a more complete story.  Ending the post with a way too huge slide show, yes that tells a pretty complete story but your locked into going through each image.  With thumbnails you get more image options and broken up like this with narrative just seems to be more appealing.  I'll let all of you be the judge on that though.  

Not sure what's up next for the blog, there are lots of things to cover.  Until then, have a great day everyone!!!