New Sample Products


Hello there world!  I'm always excited by nice products, as you've seen from my album posts.  Below is an updated gallery of album shots, which features a few client albums and my new 10x15 sample.  Take a look, it's quite awesome.  But that's not the actual point of the post!

The trend for me at least has been less desire for prints and more for digital.   To me that's kind of boring.   Shouldn't there be something with a little more pizzazz?  I really don't like dvd's, but, thumbdrives are just so small.  Reality is that more and more our files are stored in the cloud,  and not on a device on a shelf.   Newer computers don't even have optical drives anymore.  But, there is a special place in our collective hearts for the dvd, and some really cool options for printing and packing.  So, dvd it is! 

Samples are needed.  Like with albums, just saying it's awesome doesn't do the trick.  I mean it's just a dvd case right?   These are the kind of things you really need see, touch, and feel to appreciate. 

As it stands, I only offer a custom cade and dvd in my top two packages, and with two levels of awesome - custom and customPlus.  Of course, I do not have samples in yet. I just ordered my firs and the second should be quick to follow.  So I'll be revisiting this topic with sample images by mid-july for sure.  Until then, enjoy the new album images!