Kristina & Ani


A much needed update!  I have been making the blog a bit more of a priority as of late.  In my previous post  it was all about winter and uggggg winter.  Now it's fairly warm out there!  And I still have a few posts to make for last years warm weather weddings.  So this is a little bit of - this is whats to come!   

Kristina and Ani were married in early September, so it was still pretty much summer weather.  Sunny, and warm.  No need for extra layers!  OMG I can't wait.  This was a mixed wedding with some of a bunch of traditions at play, Kristina had some pretty intricate Henna Tattoo work done on her palms which was quite cool.  The venue for the ceremony, which is also where we did the formal portraits was awesome - it had a little bit of everything from a river view to a mixed urban elements.

Outdoor ceremonies are always a risky venture even in mid-summer - rain, wind, or even extra hot and blazing sun can happen.  None of that occurred here!  Thank you Mamma Nature!

Looking back on this wedding makes me so excited for the coming season.   May 23rd is the first for the season and that's in just a few short weeks, and first e-shoots are this this week.  Super bonus is that I'll be starting the season with 2 crazy awesome new lenses (see this post for more on that)!  Fun fun fun!!!!