Oh winter....

Wow have I let the blog slip!  It’s been 4months since the last update!  How time flies when you’re raising an infant! 

This season started a little early with two weddings in February.  Winter weddings always provide a huge challenge – the weather is going be a real big wild card and this particular winter was downright brutal.  I had to re-read the section of my contract for the first one – the section where it mentions acts of god specifically.  Above and beyond all the difficulties inherent in winter shooting, none of that matters if you physically can’t get to the venue due to accidents or the roads being closed. 

Knock on wood, there were no huge storms for these 2 so getting to the venues wasn’t an issue.  It was just all those other things that make winter weddings hard.  I consider my signature shots to be those awe inspiring outdoor images which capture the landscape (natural or urban) – and that means you’re forcing your bridal party to freeze!  I do have a little technique for this though it does limit the locations.  Basically you try your best to pick spots where the limo is real close so you have a built in warming station.  Work with the whole party, then send a group to warm up, work with another group them send them in to warm up.  Shooting in the cold also forces you to work quickly.  If you need lighting, there isn’t time to carefully calculate your light ratios – sometimes you don’t even have the time to properly select the right lens.  While creating amazing images is the main goal of the day, getting frost bite is most certainly NOT on the ‘to do’ list.    

For the first one we most certainly lucked out.  It was one of the rare days in Feb where the temperature in the upper teens during the day with light wind (it was storming in the morning though, and the wind kicked in around 9 PM sending the temps below 0).  So while it was cold, after a month and a half of sub-zero, tolerable.  We even got some fluffy falling snow towards the end which added a real nice element to the images.

Here’s a few images from that wedding:


To add a bit of contrast, check out their engagement shoot!  So warm and sunny feeling!  Ahhhhhh, soon enough we’ll all be basking in the heat again!