Wedding Update


Wedding update

Hello all!  As always, I start with the intent to blog a ton, then life happens and what gets forgotten, the blog!  So here ya go, a bit of a wedding update! 

First off, I am making a few changed in the images section!  While I love my highlights, I have been trying to find ways to provide a fuller picture of my wedding coverage as a whole.  Not just the uber epic moments.  I had originally thought I’d do this within the blog – I’d feature one wedding in the blog and add that as a gallery in the images section.  But, then I got confused with how to lay it all out.  New versus old.  I streamlined things quite a bit when I switched over to the new site, so there are many weddings from last year that are not represented at all here.  And yup, there are quite a few from this year as well.  Most of this year’s ones are in process though and I don’t want to share more than a few sneak peeks with the world at large (unfair to each bride and groom).  So what order do I cover them in? 

In the end, I pretty much decided to ditch the original idea.  Save the blog for more pertinent, recent stuff, and just post some dang images for the stuff from last year!  And while you’re at it, why not feature more than one wedding at a time?

Here are the changes - if you visit my wedding images page now you will see under highlights, five featured weddings.  I may back this down to three though, this is a test.  Give them a peek though and let me know what you think!