Paving the Way for 2015 part 2


Hello there everyone!  With but 4 days left in the year it’s time to start getting ready to unveil the new rates.  As I push towards that I feel like I should talk about some of the really cool new things that I am going to be doing this upcoming season, things that make the rate increases make more sense! 

One big change that will be making the lives of all of us much easier is switching my proof/ordering gallery provider.  I was never really excited about the old site.  I found it cumbersome to use on both ends, as an admin and as a client.  That’s because my old provider was more geared towards web developers that like to play around with code than regular folks that just want a site that runs smoothly without having to be a programmer.  In comes  Now this is a system designed for exactly what I’m doing, sharing large galleries with clients so they can go through them and determine what needs tinkering – and – to be used as a platform for ordering prints. 

To the first point, shootproof offers a wickedly easy to use interface.  Everything is clearly labeled and kept simple.  Hover over with the mouse and all the vital info pops up at the bottom of each image, click on the image and that same info is big and bold, easy to see and use.  If your looking at the full gallery, at the top right you have the option to add all to card, handy if you want 4x6’s of everything in a specific folder.

On the back end, it’s very easy to create automatic discounts for things – so you’re going to automatically get the bulk package rate without having to do any kind of second menu to build a package.  Very handy!

Another thing made infinitely easier – digital delivery of your final product.  When enabled, there will be a button at the top right (yup, next to the add all to cart button) that simple says, download all.  Click it and it will ask you for your email – a link will then be sent to you to download the zipped file of all your images! 

The last thing I’d like to brag about – with this new system I can fulfill the majority of your print orders via local labs!  With the old system I was locked into using one of the larger labs (and while they do great work it always made me sad that all orders via my online system came from California when there is a perfectly awesome lab right down the road) – or – making my clients grab a pen and paper and right down what they want, then type it out and email it to me (ok, already a pain in the butt!); and after it gets to me I have to sort them all to make the order.  Yikes!!!!  Now you can just place your order and it’s done!  Easy as pie!  Some things will still be done at larger labs, like bulk orders of 4x6’s and things like stretched canvas and metal – but the vast majority of prints can now be done local which is a really good thing!

This new system is awesome!  Like I said in the opening, the old way never excited me, it was just a useful tool.  Shootproof made me say wow though!  I think all of my 2015 brides will totally dig it (and a few 2014 too!).  That does it for part 2.  See ya in a few days!