Paving the way for 2015


As 2015 comes to a close, it's time to evaluate the year - what went wrong, what went right, what needs to change, what needs to be learned.  And one of the big things that needs to be updated are my rates.

What kind of changes are you thinking?

Much of this is still in process, but I can give ya’ll an idea of what’s changing.  For a while now I have tried to be as flexible as I possibly can be by offering packages that were fully customizable.  The problem with this is that it’s very difficult to maintain an add-on menu because each package offers add-on’s but with a discount applied because their bundled together.  This lead to the nightmare scenario of – if you removed a few add-ons you ended up getting most of the bells and whistles of the larger package for nearly the same cost as the lower one.  Yup, great for all of you, not so great for me. 

How do you fix that?

Well, as I see it there are two ways to fix this:

1:  Put some serious restrictions on what can be customized within a packages – like the only feature that I may allow customization on is the hours of coverage. 


2:  No more discounting anything, which makes the idea of a “package” completely pointless.

I really don’t like option #2.  But, if I go with the first option I need to find a way to make that discount clear.  To that end I am considering merging options 1 and 2.  Remove the lowest package (the fancy package) and create a build your own from the base up menu.  That way people can see that the packages offer a deal, I can even state it after the price.  For example – Package B - $3250 (savings of $350 from the build your own menu). 

While being Mr. flexible sounds nice, it just lead to prices that just made no mathematical sense.    And I kind of like it when things make sense so, going forward with this idea does make me take a sigh of relief! 

There ya have it, the countdown to the new rates is on!  As stated in the opening paragraph – I repeat, the rates will be a changing as of January 1st, so book now if you’d like to enjoy the old rates.