Dana & Brian


Hello hello everyone!  It's slowly but surely looking a little more springlike out there.  Which means it's really time to get this here wedding blog up to date!

For this update we'll be focusing on Dana & Brian's wedding.  You gotta love a good summer wedding, everything is so lush and green in July, before the August drought hits and turns the grass brown.  Here's a peek at the greenery

Downside to summer weddings is of course the heat.  I go through 2 big gatorades on the hotter days easily.  An with a bridal party, what do you think they are drinking?  Generally speaking it's not going to be water!  So making sure your bride and groom don't get both dehydrated and heat.  

Dana & Brian had their ceremony at the universal unitarian church on elmwood avenue - a darker venue but filled with detail - a venue like this demands big wide angle shots:

For the formal portraits we made a quick run to the Japanese Gardens.  I like this spot a lot because it has some of the qualities of Delaware Park but without the congestion and with far less walking - plus there are some unique elements at this spot that you don't find on the other side of the 198.

Their reception was held at the Mansion on Delaware, which is a perfect spot if your planning on a smaller more intimate reception.  

This venue is also neat in that the reception was spread of 3 unique areas - the dining hall, then downstairs for the the dance floor, and an awesome patio space.  

As I always like to try to do, we finished this one out with one last little outdoor shot.  

Super fun couple, super fun wedding!  And with that, I bring this post to a close.  Next update will be an e-shoot so stay tuned for more! 

Paving the way for 2015 part 3


With 2015 just hours away it’s time to get this show on the road!  This is the final part of the pave the way for 2015 series.  In part 1 I spoke of the need to change the structure of the system to make more sense – packages vs a la cart vs a mixture of the 2.  In part 2 I spoke of one of the exciting new features I will be using this season which are an extra cost for me.  Now it’s on to part 3, unveiling the new rates and a few of the very real world reasons for why.

Many people do look at the cost of wedding photography and assume that it’s a rip off – we’re all rich folk earning 3k every day.  While 2-5k may be what we charge for weddings, we are by no means making 3k a day!  There’s a whole lot that goes into things behind the scenes.  Here’s a link which describes a very real scenario –


And here’s another describing a similar scenario –


And –


Now I’m not going to make a list for you like they did, because both of their posts are already pretty dead on (change a few factors here and there) and need no additions to it.  Also, I don’t want to bore you with numbers.  So what I’m going to say on this is this:  Behind the artist, behind the guy in the suit and tie with the big camera bag is a person with a wife and newborn child.  Behind the logo is a person that needs to eat and pay bills.  Behind the wedding album is a person that is trying his best to support his family. 

Now I can get off my soapbox and move on to the meat and potatoes – the new rates!!!!

Extremely Fancy - $4150

Full Day Wedding Coverage | Second Photographer | Engagement Shoot | Online ordering and proofing gallery |High Resolution images with print release | Custom DVD with CustomPLUS Packaging | $700 Fine Art Album Credit* | Two 4x6 parent albums*

Really Fancy - $3350

Full Day Wedding Coverage | Second Photographer | Engagement Shoot | Online ordering and proofing gallery |High Resolution images with print release | Custom DVD with Packaging*

Fancy - $2550

Full Day Wedding Coverage | Engagement Shoot | Online ordering and proofing gallery |High Resolution images with print release | Digital Delivery*

The Friday Night special - $1800 (available only for Friday weddings)

8 hours of wedding day coverage* | Online ordering and proofing gallery |High Resolution images with print release | Digital delivery*

*indicates items which may be upgraded

As you can see, not so much of a giant rate hike.  But yes there are some changes and some new restrictions.  The packages are take them as they are.  Some things may be upgraded but no longer will I allow downgrades to packages.  It's like buying a fancy dinner - you don't ask the waiter if it will be $3 less if you don't get the salad with your $35 dinner plate.  I feel that these prices are very fair.  I hope you all do as well!  

That does it for me for now  Happy new year!!!!!!

Paving the way for 2015


As 2015 comes to a close, it's time to evaluate the year - what went wrong, what went right, what needs to change, what needs to be learned.  And one of the big things that needs to be updated are my rates.

What kind of changes are you thinking?

Much of this is still in process, but I can give ya’ll an idea of what’s changing.  For a while now I have tried to be as flexible as I possibly can be by offering packages that were fully customizable.  The problem with this is that it’s very difficult to maintain an add-on menu because each package offers add-on’s but with a discount applied because their bundled together.  This lead to the nightmare scenario of – if you removed a few add-ons you ended up getting most of the bells and whistles of the larger package for nearly the same cost as the lower one.  Yup, great for all of you, not so great for me. 

How do you fix that?

Well, as I see it there are two ways to fix this:

1:  Put some serious restrictions on what can be customized within a packages – like the only feature that I may allow customization on is the hours of coverage. 


2:  No more discounting anything, which makes the idea of a “package” completely pointless.

I really don’t like option #2.  But, if I go with the first option I need to find a way to make that discount clear.  To that end I am considering merging options 1 and 2.  Remove the lowest package (the fancy package) and create a build your own from the base up menu.  That way people can see that the packages offer a deal, I can even state it after the price.  For example – Package B - $3250 (savings of $350 from the build your own menu). 

While being Mr. flexible sounds nice, it just lead to prices that just made no mathematical sense.    And I kind of like it when things make sense so, going forward with this idea does make me take a sigh of relief! 

There ya have it, the countdown to the new rates is on!  As stated in the opening paragraph – I repeat, the rates will be a changing as of January 1st, so book now if you’d like to enjoy the old rates.

Wedding Update

Wedding Update

Wedding update

Hello all!  As always, I start with the intent to blog a ton, then life happens and what gets forgotten, the blog!  So here ya go, a bit of a wedding update! 

First off, I am making a few changed in the images section!  While I love my highlights, I have been trying to find ways to provide a fuller picture of my

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First entry - Brian & Desiree

First entry - Brian & Desiree

Hello there again Western New York!  It’s time to talk wedding photography!  With the new site up and running, new ideas keep funneling in for content.  At first I had thought one blog, that’s all I need.  But, the more I thought about it the more I said, no, we need categories.  While engagement shoots are linked to weddings, they are not weddings!  And portrait shoots are definitely not...

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