Canon EF 135mm 2.0L

Canon EF-135mm f2.0L


Well well, a few months ago I wrote a post featuring 2 lenses, one which I bought and spoke of in more depth, and one that had to get sent back until the time was right!  Well, that time has well since passed. Hello 135mm f2, we make good friends!  This lens is just awesome.  As everyone pointed out in their reviews, this lens does just have a magical feel:

Just as I had expected, this lens does not replace the 70-200, which is just a work horse of a lens.  No, the 135 is a bit more specialized.   This does not mean it doesn't get used.  Far from it.  This lens gets a ton of use on e-shoots, wedding prep, posed formals shots, first dance, and slow dances.  

It amazes me how well the images from this lens stack up against newer lenses.  And that's not just with image quality, how it functions.  The AF is quick and snappy, even in low light.  It's also fairly quiet to focus.  It doesn't at all feel old or dated.  Even mounted to the super ridiculous 50 MP 5ds (review for the that pending) the images look so creamy and wonderful.  They fit seamlessly into my galleries as if all images were taken with the same lens.  

Bokeh Bokeh BOKEH!!!!!!  That's one of the biggest reasons to buy prime lenses right?  Between  f2-2.8, the Bokeh from this lens is just so damn dreamy.  

The Out of Focus (OOF) areas render so wonderfully.  This is why I choose this lens over the venerable 70-200mm for posed portraits.  the transition form focused to OOF is just so much smoother, and yes, that is one of the reasons why this lens has that magical look - it's that ever so creamy bokeh!

Technically speaking, a long lens like this is considered to be a headshot lens (this is due to the long focal length).  I go against that grain.  I truly loving head to toe and larger portraits with this lens.  Part of my style is also that large scale, environmental portrait.  You need a lot of room for it to work but OMG when you do have the space to put some distance between photographer and subject the result are just drastically amazing.   

For about 4 years now i have so wanted to own this lens.  Now that I do, it does not at all disappoint.  I think the biggest reason I held off on renting it was because I knew if I did I'd fall in love and have to own it.  I guess that's all, no morello really say.  So here's a little slideshow.  Enjoy!