A Personal Moment


A Personal Moment,

I have a lot of posts to make!  Upon putting the new website up I swore to make a blog post a week.  Well, that fell off once life got busy.  So this post may cover a bunch of things which I had wanted to write about months ago!

As a wedding photographer it was quite surreal to go through the process of my own wedding.  That will be a post of another day though because there are more pressing matters on the horizon!  It’s time to pave the way for my new assistant!  That’s right, it’s baby time!  There are moments in your life when you take that step back and reflect – yes, the moments and days leading up to the birth of my first child would count among those.  I think back to what I was doing last year at this time, moving in with my wife to be and planning the final steps for our wedding.  Fast forward to now, we are married, we have just made our nursery and any day now we could be in labor – quite a change.

And yup, that is the point of this post – the baby!  This Photographers going to be a daddy – which means our son will have tons of embarrassing photos!  I joke, well, not really because I will be taking lots of shots of the little guy! 

Technically our due date is September 18th, which is rolling up on us real fast.  I am personally super anxious to meet the little guy!  Yes, that means we know it’s a little boy! 

It is odd though because I find myself going very easily from excited to terrified.  It’s kind of enormous!  Inside my wife is this little human being, hands, feet, mouth and eyes.  He’s on his way and he will be quite helpless upon arrival.  We have to care for and raise this guy – which is a huge process!  We will watch him go from odd sonogram images to his first real smile to crawling to walking.  We will see him off to his first days of school, then to his first dates, then off to college.  Eventually, we’ll be sitting down with him and his fiancé to plan their wedding.  Yikes, that’s what terrifies me – the enormity of it all – it’s not just about making one, it’s about caring for, raising, nurturing a newly made human being that will grow into this world and spread his wings to fly.  What he will be, well, that’s on us!  Yikes!!!! 

This whole process is very interesting to me for other reasons too, as a wedding photographer I am a big part of a couples first true moment as a family, their wedding.  I see the vast majority of my brides, and yes, I have watched with a smile as I see their sonogram posts, or their first shots of their first baby together.  Yeah, it isn’t the sexy side of getting married, but, making babies is a big part of being married.  I’m not saying this from any kind of religious perspective either (trust me, I have witnessed several Roman Catholic ceremonies where a good 10 minutes of the ceremony is devoted making babies).  Above and beyond your particular religion though, this is what married people do – it’s one of the reasons you get married! 

Ok, I’ll get off my little excited daddy to be soap box now.  Let’s move on to some images!  Below you get to see my wife!  At right around 30 weeks we had ourselves a little spontaneous adventure into the sountern tier wine country.  The weather really was not cooperating with us for most of the day though, as it quickly moved from torrential downpours to blazing sun then back to downpours.  All day that was how it went.  We did manage to come up with some really nice shots though.  We even got some with the both of us (those are really hard to set up with me being both subject and photographer).   

Next up for the blog – I’m not really sure.  Each day right now I wake up and think, baby’s coming today.  If he takes his sweet time then you may see a few more posts, like a much needed wedding update.  If he comes tonight though, then it may be a few weeks.