Wedding packages starting at $1800.  Please email Chuck Alaimo here for more details.  Or call me at 716 868 5989.

Wedding Albums

In the digital age it’s easy to forget about any kind of physical product.  “I just want the disk, no prints.”  Come on now, this is your wedding!  10, 20, 50 years from now, are you going to fumble through a drawer for the disk, or a thumb-drive?  A better question, in 50 years will we be using thumbdrives? 

A wedding album is the first heirloom created for a new family.  Next to the wedding rings, it’s the one thing of true significance in an emerging relationship.  It will, and should, be passed to future generations.

Chuck Alaimo Photography is proud to offer a variety of sizes and styles of albums which are sure to dazzle the eyes and touch the heart.


The Fine Art series!

Ready to take the leap into something truly awesome?  Well, then it’s time to consider jumping into the Fine Art Series!  Hand-mounted prints, solid covers, real spines, turned corners, these are all things that add up to make a true heirloom quality album that will provide a home for your special memories and enjoyment for a lifetime and beyond.

Each fine Art series album starts at 26 pages, and is highly customizable so consider these prices your launch point:

Level One - $1300 

8x10     8x8     10x4


Level Two - $1500

10x10     9.5x13     10x14


Level Three - $1800

12x12     10x15     11x14 


Level Four - $2300

12x18     20x8     14x14



For a complete list of fine art options just send me an email!


The Minimalist Series

The Minimalist Series albums are all 20 pages, featuring real photographic prints (a far superior choice to consumer-grade press-printed albums), seamless panoramic images with no ugly gutters, solid spines, and covers in nearly 100 beautiful fabrics and textiles found nowhere else in the photographic industry.  Quality, and affordable! 



Level 1 (7x10 – 8x10 – 10x4 – 10x10) - $500     Level 2 (9x12 – 8x12 – 12x12) - $750

Parent Albums (set of 2)

4x6 & 5x5 - $100  (upgrade to minimalist material - $200)