Before going into pricing, allow me to tell you a bit about the process.  Senior portrait sessions are tailored to each individual by using location photography.  This starts with the initial consultation.  I don’t just want to rush you in, snap 20 shots and shove ya out the door.  The first call is not just let’s make an appointment, I want to know about the subject of my photography, their interests, what makes them laugh.  These unique elements help me determine the locations for the shoot.

My location shoots may last up to 2 hours, with multiple outfits and locations.  On average I shoot 500 images on a Senior shoot.  This ensures maximum selection and diversity.

The classic yearbook shot.  While this shot is within my capabilities, this is not my field of expertise.  And without a permanent studio the yearbook shot means lugging 2 bags worth of gear into your home, 15 minutes to setup, 5 minutes of shooting, 10 minutes of breakdown.  That really eats away at the time for your creative shoot.  Most studios that specialize in yearbook photography have specially designed backdrops as well, this makes it difficult to outsource the photography if you want your kid’s photo to match the others.

As much as I’d hate to turn away your business, if your main desire is for an 8x10 print of the ‘yearbook’ shot then using the school’s recommended photography service is probably the better road to take.  My specialty is providing creative portraiture – so if that’s what you’re looking for, then read on!

Senior portraits:

The session itself includes, booking a primary and backup day (location photography does mean we are at the mercy of Mother Nature), 2 hours of location photography (may include multiple locations and outfits), and digital proof gallery/ordering gallery. Cost of shoot is $300.