knox farms

Andrew & Amanda


Hello there everyone!   I've got a very fun shoot to present to you now, I present Andrew and Amanda.  The site selection was awesome for sure - abandoned industrial to start then off to Knox farm - talk about contrast!!!   

We started things off with the industrial section as I wanted to do the sunset portion at Knox Farm.  

I love the line in thee big old industrial spaces.  And I love making something abandoned look elegant. 

Off to Knox Farm we went.  And wow was it a good day to choose that location.  I did hurry things along at the terminal because I knew the sky was awesome, didn't want to risk losing that and I knew there was a ton of stuff to shoot there.

Freaking amazing sky!  But we also wanted fall colors and yes there are tons of awesome little spots here.  So we moved along...

The sky really became the dominant factor as we moved into dusk and sunset. 

Sunsets.... they can be ohhh so finicky.  Most are nice, but then you get the fizzle, but also - sometimes you just get crazy awesome fire in the sky!   This was one of those night where the sky just went red with awesome!!!!

And that concluded this shoot.  Their wedding is in October of this year so it should be a good one!   Talk to all of you soon!!!