The Colors and Awesomeness of Late Fall


Whats going on everyone!  Time for some blog action!  I've got an awesome couple here for you so I hope you enjoy.  Before I go into images though, I find it most interesting that my previous update featured a spring shoot at the same location, the Japanese gardens - it's mostly in the contrast you get from season to season.  Also, the style and mini location decisions led to a totally unique shoot even though it's at what some may say a stale location.  It's not stale if you keep it fresh!!!!   

At some point I will have to do a lighting post, because I do use it a lot and it is worth more attention here, but for now we'll just shorten it up by saying I did use some interesting lighting techniques here.  The goal was to turn day into night and bam, there ya go, a real neat effect!  

Onward we go!

 I absolutely love the colors in these shots.  Part of it was a good day for shooting, but another part was the camera I was using.  A rental 5dsr which is featured here.  Back to the shoot though, this shoot was a little unique in that we spent the entire shoot at the Japanese gardens.  So I had to get a little creative!

The water was especially still that day too, so it was hard to not want to take full advantage of the reflection in the water.

This one though has to be put solo, as it is just so rich with texture and ooozing with awesome.  

Now we move on to a slightly different type of image, with the Japanese Gardens you also get the History Museum with it's grand columns.    

We wrapped things up with a quick shot for the save the dates, followed by a sweet little session with a very dramatic feel

And here we come to the end of this post.  Pretty fun stuff here.  Can't wait for their wedding!  Hope you all enjoyed this post!  More to come soon!