Kaylee & Andrew


Hello everyone!   As promised, I have been trying my best to cover all the action from 2015.  So far so good I think.  Two weddings, one e-shoot and one gear review - sweet!  Now it's time to add another notch to the e-shoot side of things. 

Meet Kaylee and Andrew.  

It was a great combination of amazing couple, great locations and amazing weather.  For the locations we went with abandoned industrial and then the waterfront for sunset - I absolutely love the contrast - especially scenes like the one above which shows nature overtaking the structure.  

This shoot had a few other unique elements in that Kaylee wanted her young son, and best man in the shoot.  I don't mind incorporating family into an e-shoot but it makes things a little tricky because you have to balance time with the couple and time with the kid - and with a young one  you gotta keep an eye on him and pose and shoot.  Some of the funnest shots of the day though where when Kaylee's son peek-a-booed into the frame

So cute!  The little guy was really fun to have along.  He even got to be my assistant on a few shots.

Hehehe!  Love this one, he's concentrating so hard on holding that flash right.  He also got to be front and center for a few.

The other unique part of this is that Kaylee is good friends with Samantha - whose gallery is featured here - Kaylee's wedding was in November and will be featured in future updates and Samantha wedding is coming this September.  Pretty cool to get to work with two brides who are friends!

On to the lush area - I just love the way the light peeks through the holes in the ceiling on this set of images:

I did add a little off camera flash to both of these for those that might ask, which has become one of the trademarks of my style.  I love the look of bold, vivid dramatic images.  The best way to achieve that is off camera flash.

Onward to the waterfront, where we scored on what was one of the better sunsets of the year! We arrived pre-sunset, just as some color was filtering in.  Sunsets are always an oddity as  sometimes it looks like all the elements of awesome are there, but the clouds disperse as the sun sets and you get only a brief glimpse.

This sunset didn't disappoint at all - it was one of the most breathtaking of the year

Epic!  Love it Love it Love it!

I think that closes out whats to be said, and onto a nice little slide-show If all goes well, look for at least 2 more updates coming next week!