Svet & Justin


Hello there everyone!  It's time for another e-shoot.  This time I bring you Svet and Justin.  We shot this last May, and started things out at the Japanese Gardens with fun cherry blossoms.

We had a few locations to hit so we moved rather quickly here - touching on some of my favorites little areas of this park.

You've got to love the early spring colors, greens so fresh and vibrant with new growth.  The next spot was to be Tift nature preserve, but there was one little section of sidewalk on Delavan that always looks so awesome in early spring.

I like doing spur of the moment stuff like that sometimes.  But it was time to go go go, off to Tift.  I did feature Tift in the last E-shoot post, but this is a different season, different light quality, and different stages of growth for all the vegetation - all that leads to unique images.  first up though we had to take advantage of the sun.  Yup, here ya go.

Like I said, Sun!  Lot's of it.  Perfect for silhouettes, but a technical challenge for sure if you don't want a silhouette.  I won't bore you with that here, save that topic for the random offerings section.  For now, lets take a walk down the hill.

Onward we move to a crazy cool section of tall grass  which was also conveniently close to close to a little tiny beachlike area, we'll save that for later.  For now, crazy cool tall grass.

Pretty sweet!  Now for that little beach area which had a very nice view for the sunset.  

Love it when mama nature plays on our side and gives us such a marvelous backdrop.  

On to the final spot, we took a quick drive over to the new overlook right next to Gallagher beach. These were done just as dusk was setting in so the light is just superb.    

A fittingly awesome end to a great shoot.  Their wedding will be getting an update here within the next month or so, so be on the look out.  What's up next?  Well, I'm not so sure yet.  Possible a wedding update, possibly something else.  You'll find out by May 5th either way!  Until then, enjoy spring!!!