Nicole & Jon


Hello there everyone!  It's time for another e-shoot update!  Meet Nicole and Jon, a wonderful couple that scored a wonderful fall shoot.  It was just a few weeks before the leaves really turned, but, right on target for that great period of weather where it's neither too hot nor is it too cold.  Pleasant!

We started the shoot out at Tift Nature Preserve, a spot I've definitely used quite a bit over the past few years - which makes it a hard spot because you want to get unique images but you also don't want to ignore the obvious awesome spots.  There is one particular lane of trees which just create this awesome canopy.  I like that spot because even if it may be well used, time of day and season of shooting means different light is falling on the end of the tunnel.  

We moved on from here in search of unique light.  It was a fairly cloud free day, so I was looking for neat patterns with sun coming through the trees.  

After this we moved on to another section of the park, one I have not taken a couple to yet because I don't want them to be eaten alive by mosquitos.  Early fall though so the bug population was a bit lower.  I rather like the results.

Though it was less buggy than summer, it was still to buggy to stay by the water for too long, plus, the sun was starting to dip and I had a spot in mind for sunset.And so we moved along, but, we had to make a few stops for awesomeness.

Turning day into night can be fun!  At tift, when you get off that bridge theres a path to the right and left and straight ahead, straight ahead there was the sun, the above shot was on the path to the right so it wasn't too hard create this effect - which by the way is mostly an in camera effect, not created in photoshop (this image didn't even make it to photoshop, 100% was done in Lightroom - more on this type of stuff in a future post).

The straight ahead path had a totally different feel though, which worked out very very nicely for a silhouette shot.

Love the contrast between the two of these shots!  You can kind of tell from the above shot that the sun was getting lower and lower, so time to move on.

On the way up the hill, the sun was low on the horizon creating this crazy cool fire red color.  Had to take advantage of that!

Pretty awesome light!  It definitely made the walk up the hill worth it. I had wanted an epic sunset up there, but, lets face it - sunsets are finicky.  If there isn't enough clouds, you don't get those crazy colors, it just fades to night.  We got a few good ones, but it was a bit of a let down.  Glad we paused on the walk to get the firey looking one.

The other risk for this spot is wind, and that wasn't on our side for this evening.  I do rather like this image though.  

With the remainder of the time we jumped across the skyway to the cobblestone district.  I do love shooting at this spot, especially at night as you can do some very interesting stuff with off camera flash.

In conclusion, this was a super fun shoot with a kick butt couple, awesome locations, and lots of fun images.  I can't wait for their wedding!!!  That won't be until fall though.