Sarah & Paul


Enter Sarah and Paul, such an awesome couple.  For their shoot we actually split things up over 2 days of shooting, though you wouldn't know it by looking at the gallery.  The first spot was really fun and totally new to me - the Northpark Theater.    They had made arrangements with the owner to have their wedding information displayed on the marquee, which was quite awesome!  Plus, I love a good night shoot! 

We then got to shoot inside the theater, which was really cool.  So much potential for big landscape style shots - or as they say in the biz  - environmental portraiture.  

This shot is really meant to be viewed big and printed huge.  What an amazing location!  

The next day of shooting started with some completely different setting - the rose garden at Delaware park, but during later in the day - about an hour before sunset.  It was nice to provide that level of variety to these two.  And when you look at the gallery, you'd think we just did the shoot in one day, with a few outfit changes.  Day 2 looks like the beginning of the shoot.  

From there it was off to canalside for the sunset, and as anyone who follows me knows I am a sucker for big awesome skies!  

To sum it up, what a great shoot for a great couple that also had a great wedding too!  That's another blog post for another day  For now, I hope you enjoyed the post.  Look forward to a lot more over the next few weeks because I basically have all of my work for 2015 to cover!  Fun!

I send ya off with a slide show.