The day of fog - Samantha and Matt

It is that time of year again, when fun couples get their engagement shoots in.  Enter Samantha and Matt, two brave souls that defied the ominous weather which led to one of the most creatively challenging and evocative shoots I have done to date.  How to best take advantage of the situation.   Focus on lighting was a must!   Luckily I enjoy a good challenge and do very much enjoy molding light with off camera flash.   

Let the twilight comments flow. lol.  To recreate this without mother nature you'd either need a big budget and a giant fog machine, and a cruet work it!   The extreme conditions led to some pretty darn magical moments.

It amazes me that this shoot almost got postponed.   I had figured that the fog would rise and just make the sky look pukey.  I am so glad we didn't.   Each image kept getting more and more surreal.  And that was just at the first spot.   The second spot had less fog, still kept that magical feel

The next spot though, wowzers!  It's unavoidable, but, it's hard to avoid using the same spots over again.  So I always like to try some new ideas at old spots when I do that so the image may be fresh and new.  With the fog more pronounced and the natural tunnel of tree canopy, the waning sun was hitting the end of the tunnel and I really wanted to, adding a little glow to the fog.  Challenge Time.  How to puzzle this out.

I will be honest here, the first shot was actually a mistake!  I was aiming for a darker, super magical shot - I had 2 flashes set to backlight Sam and Matt,  but I had the power on them way higher than I had intended - my jaw dropped when I saw the results!  

This is a few shots after the wow moment- where I pretty much just refined the pose.  Sometimes a mistake isn't a mistake!  Of course, after nailing a bunch with this lighting setup, I refined the lighting to get the effect I was originally going for:

My original idea wasn't bad at all, it's a great shot, one that I will proudly display in my portfolio.  But, wow, it's hard to top the 'mistake' I guess.

The next little spot was more on the plain side, which was good because with how surreal the conditions were at al the other spots it was nice to put the focus back on Sam and Matt.

For the last spot, we waited for night to get the shot that fills out the Buffalo Bills theme - yes, that was the intended theme!

There ya have it!  It was a great shoot, definitely one of the most unique due to the weather just blowing my mind.  Well, I hope you enjoyed the post, I should have a few more on the way as well.  Until then, enjoy the gallery!