Jenn & Joe


Hello there everyone!  It's time for an e-shoot update!  

Jenn & Joe's engagement shoot took place in late December, right before the winter really kicked all of our butts!  Though it was cold for sure, it wasn't freezing so we were able to shoot outdoors which was nice.  I think the couple was hoping for snow, but, I have zero control over that and as we can all remember from last this past winter, what it lacked in in white for Christmas it surely made up for with extreme dumps of and sub-zero temps.  

We started the shoot at Squaw island, a fun place to shoot for sure.  The original plan was to shoot there then waterfront for sunset, but the clouds kind of gobbled up the sun so we diverted to spot coffee to wait for the onset of night time.  For the night part we wanted to use the new ice rink at canalside, and it was quite cold so hiding out and warming up wasn't a bad idea at all.  This is one of the reasons I like e-shoots, they're so much more relaxed, you have that option of just waiting for the conditions to be right.

Next stop was the new skating rink at Canalside.  It's so good to see all this new development downtown and it was awesome to shoot at the site.  It was just as darkness rolled in so we had all those pretty Christmas lights.  A really fun spot to work in for sure.  It was quite challenging though because it was night, and several areas with very hot light - balancing that was very tricky.  

Last spot was Blue Monk, with a brief moment on Elmwood ave.  More fun with Christmas lights, these added a very different look though than the last batch because they were suspended, I could have Jenn and Joe a bit further away from the lights, pushing them into a beautiful out of focus area while really highlighting the subjects.

While yes, I think this shoot should have had snow at some point (I was really hoping for it to be falling), mama nature is a tough nut to crack.  

With that, I say see ya next time.  Prepping the gear bag for an engagement shoot as we speak!