Proposal Shoot - Phil & Pam



Hello there everyone!

I am super proud to present such a lovely couple, Phil and Pam.   This was a fun shoot because it was a 2 in one (or 3 in one depending on how you look at it) – this was a proposal shoot disguised as just a couples shoot (so it could also be called their engagement shoot)!  It wasn't that long ago that I proposed to my wife, so I clearly remember what was going through my mind the day.  I can only imagine what was going through Phil's mind!

Awwww!!  So cute!  

This shoot was a bit difficult because I had a big secret to keep!  It’s one thing to just be the fly on the wall, hiding like a paparazzi waiting for the moment – it’s a totally different when you have to active engage with the couple and set them up in very couple-like poses and not let on! 

I shot with these 2 for about 50 minutes before I got pam into a pose with her eyes closed so Phil could get into position.  The surprise factor was quite epic, and touching to see.  It is one of the most amazing things about primarily being a wedding photographer – moments like this where you get to be a witness to love!

The shoot took place at Delaware Park, starting at Hoyt Lake, then off to the parks interior.  Shooting at Delaware Park is often a challenge for me because it is a popular spot to shoot at.  Whenever I am in that kind of situation I like to try some different/new things.   That’s when you do neat things like have the couple on top of the bridge and me shooting down below and a distance away!

This shoot was so awesome!  Phil and Pam, I wish you the best in your wedding planning.  What's next, well I'm not quite sure.  I have a few more engagement shoots, but, this is a new site and I did opt to ditch all of my old content.  So I may post something a little different next time!  Ether way, enough with the writing, on to images - here’s a slideshow of the highlights!

Engagement shoots are one of my most favorite aspects of wedding photography.  On your wedding day, everything's on the clock.  The day that's booked is the day that's booked, rain or shine.  Most of the images shot on your wedding day will be shot in the worst time of day to shoot - high sun, mid-day heat for the summer.  The engagement shoot is the exact opposite - you have 2 hours to use.  You can pick the days and times, and reschedule if needed!  It really gives the couple a chance to get comfortable being in front of the camera, and it gives me the freedom to get creative if need be!   Such great memories to have to add to your collections of shared experiences for the new life you happy couples will be forging!