New site!!!!

Whoohooo!  Welcome to the new home of Chuck Alaimo Photography!  This will be the 3rd revision to the site and this one was a much more drastic overhaul (just browse around to see for yourself).  I had been using wordpress templates and finding more and more frustration with how my images were displayed.  The gallery kind of looked trashy and I simply hate that silly lightbox - not a good thing when my business is images!!!  Of course, I don't want to talk down too much on it - I did choose that template, and at the time it looked great but I was also more focused on artwrok and blogging.  It made sense then, but now, not so much


The delay, well it's easy enough to say - wow my site looks horrid lets make it better.  but the how is where it got more difficult.  Originally was I was going to stick with the basic wordpress style and just find a new theme.  Each one I looked at was almost what I wanted..  Like - wow, here's this awesome full page template, great, until you get to the gallery and then it's tiny images in a silly lightbox.  and of course, the endless search for plugin's to try to make it look more like I wanted it to.  Yuck.  It took me a while to find squarespace and warm up to the style of their templates.  Lots of do i really want to go that direction, until I realized that it was actually a really nice platform.  Browse around the galleries and you will see it IS in fact a much smoother interface especially for the images which is what I do so it makes sense to have a site that puts the focus on the images.  I mean, yeah I can tyep a bunch of stuff, but if your here then your here to see photography and the previous version of the site just didn't do it the way I wanted.  It was great for blogging, which is what wordpress is of course so I can't really knock it that much.  :D


The second delay, was my growing dissatisfaction with my logo - which was just simply not very nice looking.  So I teamed up with fellow photographer and graphic designer Christina Laign and do I now have a very very nice logo!!!

Well, enough of me blabbering here.  Browse around and let me know what you think!