Engagement Shoot - Sara and Reed


It's that time of year again, wedding and engagement session season!  

Sarah and Reed.  This is such a cute couple, and this couple has a pre story for me too.  Both are musicians.  I first met Sarah at the Niagara holiday market.  I was a vender there and I’d often bring my camera with me.  Sarah was one of the music acts they had playing on the street, I shot some nice shots of her playing.  We talked, shared info, and I tagged her in the shots.  After the market I bumped into her only a few times here and there.

Then, one day much later on.  I am driving, on the way to an event to shoot.  I was being bad and eating a hamburger while driving – forgetting that at the time I did have those magnetic signs on my car for the business.  Who pulls up to me at a red light, as I am in mid chomp on the burger – Sarah’s parents!  They roll their windows down and start calling to me.  Burger in hand, I reply.  We had a brief redlight conversation which ended with them informing me that Reed was going to propose to Sarah soon and they wanted me to shoot the wedding!  Sweet, other than the part where I am like, crap, I am mowing down a burger in the car – great first impression!  Well, I guess seeing me chomping on a burger didn’t leave that bad of an impression because a bunch of months after that Sarah was meeting with me to talk about their wedding! 

The e-shoot.  Usually I like to have a better idea of where I am shooting – either a familiar location or a new one that I have at least scouted out.  They live out in the Darien area though and I don’t get up there as much as I should.  So I took it on faith that I’d find stuff that works. 

Timing, their shoot was on June 9th of 2013, so right as summer is really starting to kick in.  Which meant – game on for shooting in a creek – yup it’s time to get wet!   The water was only up to the ankles, but, yeah, you’re always a little timid when using your gear in those conditions.  Up to my ankles isn’t deep to me, but to my camera, that’s almost totally underwater!  It was great fun to get he feet wet though and frolic.  I tried to spend as much time as we could there, because that was where Reed proposed to Sarah – it’s also a place they go together – it’s a really special place for them so it was really nice to incorporate that into the shots. 

Downside – early summer – so the mosquitos were out and hungry!  More time would have been spent there for sure but getting eaten alive is not fun.  This shoot taught me in a big way that my bag should have more than just camera gear in it!  Since then one of the little extras I always have on hand is a can of Off!

From there we went exploring and found some really cool and challenging spots to shoot in.  On a bridge, but me far away, zoomed in with a bigger lens.  Then off on a little island with me on the other bank.  These shots are hard because you are so far away from the couple that you’re yelling the instructions to them.  Love the look of that kind of shot though.

After that we found this perfect little hill for what turned out to be a really nice sunset.  Sunsets are ohhhh so finicky, sometimes they are epic sometimes they aren’t.  This turned out to be one of those epic ones.  We got some great silhouette shots, and some fun shots with off camera lighting.  The final moments though were just great.  They are both musicians so prop wise, the guitars where there.  So for a good little bit it was just candid time with musicians.  Great images and great music in one! 

I am super psyched for this couple!  I friend all my brides on facebook so they can see the exciting stuff I am doing – and - so I can see what they are up too.  It brought a great smile to my face to see that they are now homeowners!  Woot woot…congrats!!!!!

I am also super happy that their shoot had such a great, warm and awesome almost summer day because their wedding is in February!  There will be no barefoot standing in a creek on that day!  It will be very cold and while we will do outdoor shots, yeah it will be really cold even if it’s nice!

I think that covers what needs to be said here.  Cheers to you Sarah and Reed!   I can’t wait to shoot your wedding!!!

I hope you enjoy Sara and Reeds Engagement shoot.  Next up, Phil and Pam!


Engagement shoots are one of my most favorite aspects of wedding photography.  On your wedding day, everything's on the clock.  The day that's booked is the day that's booked, rain or shine.  Most of the images shot on your wedding day will be shot in the worst time of day to shoot - high sun, mid-day heat for the summer.  The engagement shoot is the exact opposite - you have 2 hours to use.  You can pick the days and times, and reschedule if needed!  It really gives the couple a chance to get comfortable being in front of the camera, and it gives me the freedom to get creative if need be!   And in the case of Sara and Reed, their wedding in in February - trust me, standing in the middle of a creek in February is the last thing you want to be doing in the middle of the Buffalo winter!  Such great memories to have to add to your collections of shared experiences for the new life you happy couples will be forging!