Bernie & Brad


Ahhh...  It's that time of year already, winter!  Acccckkkkk, and it's only November.  Watching all that snow pile up in the south towns is just plain scary!  My heart goes out to all those who are trapped and to those engaged in the digging out process!  This storm is one for the record books for sure.

But that’s not the point of this post.  Let’s think back to when things were a bit warmer!  August 14th, an unusually chilly day in august.  Bernie and Brads shoot had already been postponed once so they really wanted to just go for it.  Decent gusts of wind and a big old ominous cloud definitely made me sound the alarm.  But yup, they wanted to go for it so we did!

The first spot was at Tift Nature.  That big cloud did make for an epic, very story book cover backdrop.  


I would have loved to have shot more up on the hill, but the wind was getting nasty.  So we rushed off to the cars and headed downtown to buffalo’s cobblestone district hoping that he concrete would shield us a bit from the wind.  It did, but - wow, the sky was just nutty there.  To the right you had storm clouds, to the left perfect blue sky. 

From there we went to the final spot, canalside waterfront – and while yes there was wind we were also blessed with a near tropical looking sunset.  An unusual day for sure.  I kind of thought the day was going to be a loss.  Sometimes if you stick it through you get rewarded though.  Of course, it could have very easily been a full scale downpour too!  We won that one though.

Their wedding was on the 7th of November, so that’s been shot already and unfortunately the weather didn’t play as nice at all, with light snow in the morning and a general cold wind with light rain though-out the day.  We were on a pretty tight time schedule too, so I’m really happy that these two opted for a package with an engagement shoot.   Super fun couple, super fun shoot and yes – super fun wedding!  Well, until next time!