Andrew & Amanda


Hello there everyone!   I've got a very fun shoot to present to you now, I present Andrew and Amanda.  The site selection was awesome for sure - abandoned industrial to start then off to Knox farm - talk about contrast!!!   

We started things off with the industrial section as I wanted to do the sunset portion at Knox Farm.  

I love the line in thee big old industrial spaces.  And I love making something abandoned look elegant. 

Off to Knox Farm we went.  And wow was it a good day to choose that location.  I did hurry things along at the terminal because I knew the sky was awesome, didn't want to risk losing that and I knew there was a ton of stuff to shoot there.

Freaking amazing sky!  But we also wanted fall colors and yes there are tons of awesome little spots here.  So we moved along...

The sky really became the dominant factor as we moved into dusk and sunset. 

Sunsets.... they can be ohhh so finicky.  Most are nice, but then you get the fizzle, but also - sometimes you just get crazy awesome fire in the sky!   This was one of those night where the sky just went red with awesome!!!!

And that concluded this shoot.  Their wedding is in October of this year so it should be a good one!   Talk to all of you soon!!!

Jenn & Joe

Jenn & Joe

Hello there everyone!  It's time for an e-shoot update!  

Jenn & Joe's engagement shoot took place in late December, right before the winter really kicked all of our butts!  Though it was cold for sure, it wasn't freezing so we were able to shoot outdoors which was nice.  I think the couple was hoping for snow, but...

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Mary & Chris - Engagement shoot


Mary and Chris – E-shoot blog


Well, no baby yet so it’s time to catch up on some engagement shoot bloggage! 

I met this awesome couple at the Pearl Street Bridal show.  It’s always fun to make connections with people at the shows, but it’s even better when a meaningful connection happens – there are just so many people at these shows so it’s hard to find that calm happy place.  These two were great right from the get go though.

With their wedding in February I found it quite fitting to plan their engagement shoot at the beginning of summer, when everything is lush and warm. 

The first location was Delaware park.  What to say about that place, I have a profound love/hate relationship with that place.  I grew up a short walk from the park so I know it well.  And yes, it’s a very popular place for wedding, engagement and portrait photography.  This makes it quite challenging because I tend to want to offer something different, something unique.  That means your hiking around a lot to find the less traveled parts, or, finding a way to shoot the regular spots – try a different angle, different framing, different lighting, and yes, use unique lenses.    I think I did a pretty darn good job of breathing some life into that old spot!

The next location is always a fun one, Gallagher beach for the sunset.  One of their requests was for water in the shots.  Lots o water there!  And the sunsets from that spot tend to be quite awesome.  I also really dig that pier, either shooting under it, or having it in the background.  This spot is also well used, well by me at least – so the same challenge from above does apply. 

From there, we drove off to the last spot – a night shot in front of the Hotel Lafeyette, which is where the reception will be.  Haha, you can expect that I will do a similar shot of these two on their wedding day!  I kind of hope there’s some light snowfall because that would be really awesome looking (snow at night….no snow during the day!!!!!)

That wraps this one up me thinks, on to some images!  Next E-shoot, crossing my fingers that I will be busy tending to the little mini me.  My wife’s due date was, yesterday!  So we really want this baby to decide to come out and see the world!


New site!!!!

New site!!!!

Whoohooo!  Welcome to the new home of Chuck Alaimo Photography!  This will be the 3rd revision to the site and this one was a much more drastic overhaul (just browse around to see for yourself).  I had been using wordpress templates and finding more and more frustration with how my images were displayed.  The gallery kind of looked...

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