About Chuck Alaimo Photography


I feel like I need to try something new for my biography.  In the past I have chosen to write from the third person perspective which is always a bit odd,  After-all, I'm just a one person show.  I have no secretary, nor do I have an advertising department.  So to talk of myself in the third person, it's just weird.  I am a person who happens to take very nice photographs.  Isn't that one of the nice things about hiring a a pro like myself? 

So who am I?  I am a 41 year old former skateboarder/snowboarder (yeah I still skate on occasion), now father of one that loves photography.  I had my first taste of it back in high school (back in the days of film!) on a Pentax k1000.  There I learned how to develop film, and the basics of the dark room.  Of course, at that stage in my life I was putting the bulk of the energy towards skating and snowboarding so after graduation the camera got put aside as I left my hometown and trekked off to Vermont.  

Fast forward a bunch of years, I made the decision to move back to Buffalo where I immediately rediscovered photography.  All those old lessons had to be relearned, as well as learning the new format - digital.  

My first forays in to the world of imagery were in the fine art world.  It was there that I refined my techniques and developed a confidence in shooting.  From there I transitioned to shooting events and live music as a freelancer for buffalo.com (a position I still enjoy!), which further honed my techniques while also giving me an appreciation for shooting people!  And from that came weddings!  

You may wonder why I took the moment there to mention skateboarding?  I mean, that's not very wedding...  As a skater you develop a unique eye on the world, what most folks walk past without even glancing at, a skater looks at and see's hours of fun.  All those architectural elements, they not only great for skateboarding, but they do make for epic images.  I like it for the grit, I like it for the symmetry, I like it for the lines, the texture...I could go on, but I think the idea is clear - all those things that most people see on a daily basis and think nothing off, those are things that intrigue and amaze me.  I love my concrete Jungle!

Mixed with this love for concrete and architecture is a love for the wilderness - the outdoors.  I lived in Vermont for close to 14 years, and the bulk of that time was spent in a very small town.  Farms, woods, hills, mountains!  What this brings to the table is an extreme appreciation for nature.  

One of my greatest strengths in photography is that I create large, architectural and landscape portraits.  I fuse those elements of concrete and nature to create not just a portrait, but a piece of art.    

I invite you to browse around the site, there's lots to look at and read.  Have fun!